Oxidation-Reduction Potential


The oxidation-reduction potential, commonly referred to as ORP or redox potential, is the unit of measurement used to express the oxidation-reduction value. The higher the positive value for a substance, the stronger the oxidation activity, and the lower the negative value for a substance, the stronger the reduction activity.

ORP of the human body gradually rises with age, as oxidation tends to increase.
Exposure to the sun, toxins, stress all increase the level of oxidation activity.

So as the oxidation increases, it’s important to keep the ORP as low as possible in order to maintain good health. One way deemed effective for this is through food and supplements known to have high negative ORPs.

Hydrogen water and carotenoids are one of them.


ORP and Water

The ORP of most tap water in the USA is between +150 to +600mv (millivolts: 1/1000 of a single volt).