Drinking Healthy Water


When it comes to drinking water, there are two factors you should consider: Purity and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).


This can be achieved by install a high quality water filter in your house or using good quality bottled water.

You never know how clean the tap water in your house is.

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Let’s assume your city purifies water very well, but think about the long underground pipes the water goes through to reach your house, and further more pipes in your house to reach your kitchen sink.  Do you know how clean those pipes are after years of use?  You see how dirty it can get when city flashes pipes once in several years.


Choosing a Water Filter

You should always check NSF/ANSI certification of the filter.

Drinking water certifications are:

  • NSF/ANSI 42 – Aesthetic Effects
  • NSF/ANSI 53 – Health Effects

Here is water Filter Comparison chart I found while googling:



Multipure Aquaversa

I found Multipure Aquaversa Drinking Water Filter to be a good quality with NSF-Certified Performance – both Standards 42 and 53.  I purchased MP750SI and installed in my house.  Housing is made of stainless steel, made in the USA and has lifetime guarantee.  If you order via Amazon, you may be able to save shipping and sales tax.


Here is the product in Amazon.com:



Pure Effect

Pure Effect Water Filter seems to be another good filter made by Family-owned small business in NY.    All of the media cartridges are made in the USA and are NEVER sourced from China.  Even though their filter doesn’t hold certification (because it is very expensive for small business to go through the process), they claim to use all certified materials to build their filter.

Here is the link to order: http://www.pureeffectfilters.com/#a_aid=pureeffectaffid1

If you are considering purchasing an ionizer (such as Kangen machine), most of them have minimal filter which does not purify from all contaminants.  I still suggest to install high quality water filter.


Oxidation Reduction Potential – ORP

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is explained in my article here.

ORP is the unit of measurement used to express the oxidation-reduction value.

The ORP of the most tap water in the USA is between +150 to +600mv (millivolts: 1/1000 of a single volt). Lower the value the better.  You’d like to have your drinking water to be below Zero (minus value) if possible.

The best way to reduce ORP is using Hydrogen Machine to infuse Hydrogen in your purified water, or purchase Hydrogen water such as IZUMIO to drink in regular basis.

Here is what to watch for when choosing a Hydrogen machine:

  1. Make sure that the machine makes higher than 800ppb (0.8ppm) of Hydrogen concentration.  There are quite many “fake” machines in the market, so be careful!
  2. It is the best if electrodes (metals which conduct electricity) are not touching the drinking water.  Trace of metal will be devolved in the drinking water, same as any ionizers.  Hearing the concern among medical field, some manufactures started making Hydrogen machines isolating  electrodes from drinking water. Look for those machines.
  3. Look for a machine with easy maintenance.  Bacteria loves Hydrogen, therefore, keeping the machine clean can be challenging.
  4. Check the warranty – anything can brake.

Hydrogen machines are still new in the market.  We may start seeing better and improved machines in near future, but at this time, most of them are have some issues above with quite expensive ($800 – $4000) price tags.  I think professionally made Hydrogen water such as IZUMIO is the better option until better machines become available in the US market.

Because Hydrogen is quite unique and have different types of health benefits from other antioxidants, you still want to take Hydrogen in regular basis.  But if you are trying to gain the same level of antioxidizing health benefit ionized water can provide, adding below ingredients to your drinking water could do the trick.

  • Lemon slices
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Various kind of good quality organic herb tea
  • Green super food powder (Costco sells) or similar products
  • Enzyme powder