Risk FREE Business


Company offers tremendous business opportunity, and if you are taking a product for your health benefit, it is totally risk free!

Some individuals have earned over 20-30 million dollars in several years in the business.

Many individuals are receiving more than $10,000 every month as passive residual income.  Some people reached this income level in 3 months, some took a year or longer, it’s all up to you.   The potential of the business is endless.


Passive Residual Income is the income you receive year after year without you spending time (working).  

An example of passive residual income is a rental house.  If you have a rental house, you will receive income year after year as long as the house is rented.


How much is the Business Running Cost?

The difference of this business compared to a rental house is the initial investment.  Initial investment to a rental house could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you are taking a product for your health benefit already, no additional investment needed to do the business – means your investment/business running cost is $0.  If you are purely interested in the business, not the product, then, your investment is $30/year and the price of one product you purchase every month.  


Needs to stock products?

No warehousing/stocking products since you are not selling products.  


Do I need to deliver products or collect money from customers?

No delivery and No money collection since all customer service, sales and shipping are directly handled by the company.


Points expire?

Your accumulated points never expire as long as you keep qualified status which is purchasing one product and have one active sponsored person (could be yourself).


Deadlines or Quotas?

No monthly or yearly deadline or quotas, which you often see in the other network businesses.  Therefore, you can peacefully work with your own pace.


What is the cut-off level?

NO cut-off level.  Your organization may grow 100 levels down, and you still earn points from every levels.


Are there sliding scale of earning per level (generation)?  

No.  You receive the same amount of points from every level.  You see most of the network marketing companies have sliding scale of pay-out depending on the level (generation), normally they pay higher percentage for the first generation, then the percentage goes down as the generation goes farther.  With our company, pay-out doesn’t decrease per level at all.


How much do I get paid.

One bonus (Day cycle bonus) pays average of 7-8% of sales volume from every generation, even 100th generation down.  

Another bonus (Leadership bonus) pays 25% of your sponsored downline’s Day cycle bonus.  For example,  if your sponsored downline earns $2000 a month from Day cycle bonus, you will receive $500 a month.

Some bonuses are company’s profit sharing.

There are 8 bonuses.


How many different kinds of bonuses the company pays?

There are 8 bonuses.  Some of them are company profit sharing bonuses.


When do I get paid?

Company pays weekly,  direct deposit to your bank account.


Can I expand the business to other countries?

Absolutely.  You can do business in 150 countries seamlessly.  No need to register  per country.  Your registration wherever you reside is all you need.  Any sales in foreign countries automatically added to your volume.

150 countries

Other facts

You do NOT have to worry about things which normally the case running a business:

  • No startup cost if you are already a member taking one product every month for your own health.
  • No worry spending money for product development – the company will take care of it.
  • No rent – you are working from home.
  • No employees to hire.



On top of it, you will gain:

  • Free time.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tax advantage – write off all your expenses such as traveling, entertaining and phone bills as business expense.


To give you some prospective, here is the fact (as of January 2016):

  • 1 out of 5 people taking products are earning income.
  • Over 40% of individuals who are earning are over 60 years old.
  • 42 individuals who are over 100 years old are earning income.
  • 250 individuals have earned over a million USD.
  • Your children can inherit your residual income and business (your account).
  • Income earning members are from 18 years old to over 100 years old – age doesn’t matter!


How Business works?

This business is more of a team work and we work together.  You are not alone!

Even if you are shy and don’t talk to anyone yourself, you may still receive income or your business grows from various scenarios such as below:

  1. Someone (including me) may place people in your organization and you accumulate points from them.
  2. You signup one person and that person happen to love the business and build a large organization, then you will be paid 25% from that organization’s income.
  3. You happen to meet someone who is interested in the product or business.  Since you are too busy or you don’t want talk yourself, you either tell him/her to talk to me or you tell me to contact the person. That person ended up signing up and started building business.  Even though you are not involved with your business at all, you still receive compensations from those people signed up in your organization.
  4. Free corporate business opportunity meetings and free webinars are held every month.  You invited someone to attend one of those meetings and he/she decided to join.  You will earn points from their organizations.


The company’s corporate mission is enhancing wellness in the global community.

5 Riches

Entering the market with a single product in 1999 in Japan, the company sold over 100 million USD on the third year from establishment. On the fifth year from establishment, the annual sales exceeded 300 million USD. It was only in 2007 the company introduced its second product, the hydrogen enriched water, Izumio. This product too became the number one seller from its launch. The lineup has now expanded to 15 products in both the nutritional and toiletry/cosmetics market.



The company currently has physical corporate offices in Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and USA.  USA market is launched November 2014, so the market is new and wide open for you to expand your business.

The company is part of UNIVA CAPITAL Group comprises with 34 operating companies, 12 businesses in 14 countries / regions with approximately 700 employees.  The company is financially solid with no debit.



You may join the business from:


To Join with business in mind, you need to select “affiliateand place one order with monthly auto-ship on.  Annual membership fee is $30.  If you don’t know which product you like to order (Hydrogen Enriched Water or Super Lutein), please let me know.  I can give you an advice according to your health.  Shipping cost of Lutein is as low as $6.  Shipping cost of Hydrogen Enriched Water is as low as $23.

There are various good tools to maximize your return if you are serious about the business.  Please feel free to contact me.

If you’d like further information, or if you have any questions, please contact me