Multi Carotenoid and Lutein


Super Lutein is a broad spectrum multi carotenoid nutritional supplement specially designed for eye and overall health.

Super Lutein contains synergistic blends of powerful antioxidants and naturally sourced nutrition that help you maintain optimal vision performance, healthy biorhythms, support critical biological processes, and combat the signs of aging.

The quality of Lutein Naturally Plus uses is outstanding compared to other brands:

  • Only Lutein extracted from Natural plants are used, no synthetic Lutein like used in other cheap brands.
  • Lutein is from the top quality brands “FloraGLO“.  If the supplement doesn’t have “FloraGLO” logo on the bottle, the quality of Lutein is questionable.
  • Lutein is easily oxidized.  Naturally Plus uses the process to ensure to protect Lutein from oxidation.  


Super Lutein is endorsed by acclaimed scientist and professor at University of Maryland, Dr. Frederick Khachik, a leading authority on carotenoids, and is based on years of clinical research and studies.

* Dr. Frederick Khachik discovered the effect of carotenoids and served as President of International Carotenoid Society for several years.  He has published 64 research papers and 18 books.  


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Super Lutein is formulated with the most effective ratio of each nutrient.

You can buy individual carotenoid at your local store, but except Super Lutein, there are no other multi carotenoid nutritional supplement available in the market.

Both quality and formulation are the key to the supplement.  Super Lutein was carefully formulated with consideration of the type of nutrients and it’s balance.

If you purchase individual supplements of these ingredients from your local store, the ratio could be off and you could be harming your body instead of benefiting from taking them.


For Super Lutein, you can count on:

  • Top and the best quality you can get in the world
  • No synthetic – All natural
  • Formulated for maximum health effect

Super Lutein

Super Lutein Nutritions


It’s all comes down to how much is your body worth to you.  Your body is worth a cup of coffee a day?


Eyes and Super Lutein

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can lead to vision loss and blindness.

Recent studies have shown that without proper eye protection, ultraviolet rays may cause serious eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration, eyelid cancers, pinguecula and pterygium that can cause you to lose your sight.

Although the eyelid is designed to protect the eye, its skin is exceedingly thin and contains many fragile tissues that may be injured by UV light. Inside the eye, the lens and the cornea, both transparent, filter UV rays, but by doing so for many years, they may become damaged. This is especially true for the lens, which through years of UV absorption, turns yellowish and cataractous.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Proteins in the eye’s lens unravel, tangle and accumulate pigments that cloud the lens and eventually lead to blindness. Even though cataracts appear to different degrees in most individuals as they age, sun exposure, in particular exposure to UVB, appears to be a major risk factor for cataract development.

So when you’re outside, don’t just think about protecting your skin.
Protect your eyes too.

Blue light is emitted by a plethora of electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers, meaning protection against blue light is important for anyone using a digital device on a regular basis. Another source of blue light is energy efficient technology in the form of fluorescent light bulbs and LED lights. Most offices use fluorescent light bulbs, thus putting your eyes at risk if unprotected. 

Its wavelength is extremely close to ultra-violet rays, hence, it is said that blue light is able to pass the cornea and crystalline lens of the eye without being absorbed, and can end up reaching the retina, causing gradual oxidation and deterioration of the macula and leaves eyes more susceptible to macular degeneration, contrast sensitivity and issues with glare.


Super Lutein is manufactured using high technology Ionized purifying processing method.
20 minutes after consumption, it will be absorbed by the Viscera.
40 minutes after consumption, it will be absorbed by the Eyes.


Super Lutein is the Number 1 selling functional nutritional food in Japan, produced with the Golden Ratio & Perfect Formulation from 5 Most Important Carotenoids & 5 Most Essential Nutrients.

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