How to Order

If you live outside of the US (such as EU countries, Asian countries or any other place), please contact me and let me know which country you live in.  I’ll send you the link where you can order the product.  The product will be shipped directly from the company.


If you live in the US, you can order the product from http://hiro.npusashop.com/howtojoin.

If you are planning to purchase a product (Hydrogen water and/or Super Lutein) for more than 3 months, you may want to pay an annual membership fee of $30 and choose “affiliate” to receive the maximum product discount.  3 months of product discount brakes even with the membership fee, and you will end up saving money from the 4th month on.

You have full control when and how many products you purchase.  You can order any products anytime.  If you use monthly auto-ship, you can stop or start it any time.   


Affiliate sign-up will also give you an opportunity to earn money no matter where you live.  You have full control to do or not to do business.  No business commitment necessary.  “Do business” means simply to refer the product to someone else. You will earn points every time someone under your position purchase a product.  Points never expire, so no rush,  you can do the business in your own pace.  For more information, please contact me.


All products are 30 days Money back guarantee and money back guarantee includes the membership fee.  The company will refund the full amount (except shipping cost) even after you consumed them all.