Hydrogen Water


Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen-rich water, Hydronegized Water and Hydrogenated Water are all the same.

Here is the fact about Hydrogen Water:

  • Hydrogen Water literally contains Hydrogen H2 (not hydrogen ion) in the water.
  • Hydrogen Water is normally neutral PH7, not alkaline or acidic.
  • Hydrogen water is huge in Japan.


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Hydrogen can be found at varying concentrations in natural springs around the world. Some of the more famous springs with higher concentrations of Hydrogen have been researched for potential health benefits.



Among many brands of Hydrogen water,  IZUMIO is the No.1 selling hydrogenized water in the Japanese market and in the World since it’s launch in April of 2007. *  – Over 120 million pouches sold.
* Based on research data of hydrogenized water market in Japan from 2010 to 2013 performed by IPSOS in 2014.


IZUMIO is a high quality natural water infused with hydrogen.

IZUMIO has been thoroughly researched by the head scientist Shigeo Ohta Ph.D, a co-author of one of the first studies published on the antioxidative benefits of hydrogen.

I personally asked Professor Ohta which Hydrogen Water he recommends in the Japanese market.  I received a list of several products with his note saying IZUMIO has the highest Hydrogen concentration among them according to his test result.


IZUMIO exceeds in quality compared to other brands:



  • Oxygen and other gasses take up space in the water. In order to maximize the hydrogen content of IZUMIO, the company (Naturally Plus) uses complex technology maximize the hydrogen content of IZUMIO. The process is composed of two processes, “deaeration” and “membrane dissolution.” “Deaeration” refers to the process during which oxygen is being removed from water and “membrane dissolution”  refers to the process which injects hydrogen into water.  Naturally Plus is the first to use such complex technology. IZUMIO has one of the highest measurements of Hydrogen concentration in the market: measuring 2.6 ppm (parts per million) or 2.6 mg of Hydrogen per liter upon fill up at the factory.
  • Despite diligent filtration processes to remove all impurities, IZUMIO contains trace amounts of mineral naturally existing in the source spring water. A soft touch to the tongue and a superior natural tasting water.
  • Sustaining a well-balanced body PH level is very important in maintaining good health. IZUMIO has a neutral rating of 7. On a scale of 0 – 14, 0 is highly acidic while 14 is highly alkaline. By saturating the water with hydrogen molecules (H2), IZUMIO has high oxidation-reduction potential, commonly referred to as ORP or redox potential, without sacrificing PH quality to either alkaline or acidic. Bottled pure water sold at stores are Ph7 but ORP is positive 150 ~ 350 mV.  IZUMIO’s ORP is -500 ~ -750 mV!!
  • Hydrogen is the smallest element in existence and capable of permeating through almost anything. In order to prevent the hydrogen from escaping, IZUMIO is packed in a patented four-layer aluminum film package. This packaging not only prevents foreign particles from entering, it keeps the hydrogen gas from leaking. In order to keep IZUMIO fresh and abundant of hydrogen, IZUMIO is shipped directly from company. Leaving hydrogen enriched beverages on shelves of retail stores is absolutely a false practice.


There are enough studies showing Hydrogen works wonder in our body.

Since the first study published on the antioxidative benefits of hydrogen in 2007, more than 300 clinical research papers have been published around the world, and many hospitals and clinical institutes have been using Hydrogen for medical treatments.

You may find several detailed research papers at www.whyhydrogen.info.


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